new decoy anchors

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    Just poured the first 4 anchors from a new mold I have. I actually purchased the mold many years ago but never used it before today. The mild is a single cavity open pour so it is not designed for high volume production. Will easily meet my requirements. mrgreen The mold throws an eleven-ounce anchor.

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    11oz? Dang that’s a big anchor. Haha. I tried to find a J weight mold for a long time and never found one. Haven’t looked for a few years. I’m guessing someone makes one.

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    11oz? Dang that’s a big anchor

    Think so? check these out;

    His standard weight is 16 ounces. He also offers 1.5 and 2 pound anchors.

    I had to chase down too many decoys using lighter weight anchors. Small enclosed marsh, no problem. Get out on big open water and it don’t take that much chop to carry away your decoy. Add in some freezing ice floating in the current and you might as well be constantly chasing decoys.

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