Maskethine Reservoir

  • Husker26
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    Anyone ever fished this little body of water? Just curious to see if it’s worth a visit.

    NE Nebraska
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    Its the closest place to home so when I have an open weekend, that’s where I go. Its not a bad bass fishery, has some decent crappie depending on the year, and some nice bluegill when I happen to stumble on the right place.

    Now that they dug out the north end and stoped the silt it stays pretty clear which helped the weeds grow. At times they cover a lot of the lake and can be a benifit or problem depending on how you look at it. Its not a big lake, 5mph only, but with all the brush the bass club has sunk and weeds groth there’s lots to fish.

    I don’t know that it holds much reputation for walleye, catfish, or northern but once in a while I’ll run across those too. Mostly at the expence of a $10 lure when some northern bites it off the line.

    All in all its not a bad little lake but you better get there early for a camp site. I don’t use it but it always looks like its full.


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