Namakagon ice conditions

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    Wondering how thick it is out there, i have a trip planned Jan 7- 10th.
    Any info will be appreciated.

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    Been on Namekagon in the past, but not recently at all… It is directly straight west of me and if the lakes around me are any indication, tread carefully to start. We have had variable ice conditions where some lakes have had 8″ on them, but the majority have had just 3″. Most of our smaller (under 100 acres) lakes we have been seeing 3″-6″, but with Namekagon you are dealing with a much bigger body of water… The best part is you have dark water, shallower basin and a broken configuration of the lake basin which may give you some areas with very good ice. Like I said though, tread carefully with spud in hand till you feel you are in a comfortable area, you will more than likely be a walker and by the end of the weekend with the cold forecasted, our ice may be in great shape for the next ugly snowfall to come.


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    The Chippewa Flowage is now open to snowmobiles. That’s a good sign

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