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    Thanks to all, especially Woody and Russ , for making this year a COMPLETE success! We had our year-end picnic last Saturday evening (dodged the storm) and everyone ate wayyyy tooo much food (of course ole Deano pigged out on all the homemade snacks) and lots of fun! Feel free to check out the league website to view all the pics of the festivities. Special thanks to all our sponsors this year and their generous donations—-the one common thread was, the support was OVER THE TOP by all.

    Looking forward to next year already and much to plan. This year, we were just happy to keep our heads above water as things came together so fast—there is much to do and next year is already fixing to be even more exciting!!!!

    Once again, thanks everyone that fished or supported us. The catch, photo, release format (which we credit to AIM-thanks guys for coming up with this revolutionary format) is nothing but positive in every fashion.

    Thanks to all!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Congrats to you guys, Dave Carlson of Northland Adventures had a feature on the league!!! Great stuff!!!


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