Mega 360 weak signal

  • ssaamm
    Pequot Lakes
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    I bought a humminbird 360 mega last year. It’s set to 65ft. The first ring has good graphics and color. It fades pretty fast in the outer 2 rings. Any thoughts on tweaking the settings? I’m usually this time of year in 10 fow or less. Thanks, Sam

    Tom P.
    Whitehall Wi.
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    It is too hard to suggest settings there are just to many variables, hard, soft bottom, weeds, depth changes, water it self. Scanning in only 10 feet of water I am more likely running 360 at around 45 feet or less unless a very clean sandy bottom. I am constantly tweaking my settings when running mega 360 same as when I am running SI most of the time I have my enhance menu up. Just down on Truman in Missouri some areas pollen so bad all I could see was a white wall, move 30 feet and back to normal.

    dennis smith
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    I am just learning also. Only used 3 times mostly in 10 ft or less. Biggest thing that helps me is hit the + once or twice to zoom in. Makes it a little clearer. I also have been just running it 180 degrees to the front with my si in back. I run about 60 ft. Still have a lot to learn tho. Good luck

    Michael Best
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    I myself run a 360 on a helix 12 with only scanning 180 degrees forward. As mentioned I hit the + on the zoom one time to fill my screen.
    Settings can vary but for sensitivity I am in the 10 range and contrast 11 to 12 range.
    My range is set at 60’. On sand it will show up all the way out to 60’. Sure as it gets farther away it fades compared to 15 to 30’ from the boat. The slower you have the puck turning the clearer you image will be as well. I believe mine is set to 2.
    Some times fish will show up as a grain of rice. However most times all I see is a small black dark spot (shadow).

    Pequot Lakes
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    Thanks for the info. Just started using a smaller piece of the pie to localize the screen to a smaller area. Pretty slick. Get a bit of the wagon wheel effect. I’ve messed with the noise filter. Seems to help, but not perfect.

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