Low Profile Reel and Lead Core

  • joe-winter
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    1.Anyone have experience using low profile line counter reels and lead core line? More specifically Okuma Cold Water or Convector 354 sized reels……

    2. Did you go with a smaller diameter core like 18 lb or smaller?

    3. Anyone used the Microline lead in 15 lb size before?

    ideally I would like to get some mono backer on it with 10 colors and a leader.

    Harris, Somewhere in VNP
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    I doubt that any of the low profile line counters will hold 10 colors but I’d also be interested to know if there is one out there with that kind of capacity.

    Two Harbors, MN
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    Why the need for 10 colors?
    Even at 3mph (faster than most ever do even with current), 10 colors should be down about 30-35′ plus any dive from a crank.
    The point is that most never use over 5 colors out unless fishing fast, deep, fast and deep in current or for salmon/trout. so if you dont need 10 colors you can get away using smaller reels like you are trying to do.

    St. Peter, MN
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    For me this would only be for walleye fishing…….

    likely never use all 10…. thought I’d pose the question because obviously could get 5-8 colors on these reels if the responder said they got all 10..

    I was also curious about the lead core in smaller pound diameters…. Suffix has 12 and 15 pound lead…

    I mostly have experience in trolling lead for salmon and trout using 27 lb lead and bigger reels/tackle.

    I may end up just playing with some set ups until I am happy .

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    Can confirm at least 5 colors. Never use ten for walleye but doubt it would fit. Waste of lead.

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