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B Robinson

  • reelsnlures
    Grand Island, NE.
    Posts: 7

    If your ever out fishing and Brian shows up and offers to help you, Decline his offer.
    On Sat. I was fishing at Elwood and had just had a big one start peeling off line when Brian showed up in the same cove. I shouted at him and told him I had a big one on. He said he would be right over to help me net it.
    When I got it up I had snagged a large pike (38″&14#) by the tail. He put his net in the water and I got the pike over to his net. Well when he netted the pike my lure popped off and he proceded to let the pike flop out of the net. Lucky for him he made a stab at the pike and renetted it.
    Then he got his “smart phone” to take a couple of pics and it turned itself off. According to him this never happen before. So while he let his phone boot back up the other people in his boat helped me weigh and measure it.
    Held it back up for a couple of more pics. Later that day he told me the “smart phone” didn’t store the pics. Also said it had never done that before either.
    So let me warn you his netting tactics leave something to be desired and he has to have the dumbest “smart phone” around.
    Brian and I are good friends, but I just had to tell this true story to everyone.

    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
    Posts: 18801

    I’ve seen some ugly net jobs in my day. As long as the fish is at the bottom of the net once the dust settles… everything else is just drama.

    Paul Heise
    River Falls, Wi
    Posts: 723

    Remember every BIG fish has a story but not always a photo. I have had more fish pop loose right at the boat than have been netted! Because when you get that first glimps, every one including the net man gets really excited and want that fish in the boat!

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
    Posts: 3149

    Brian is a great net man…. at least he used to be. The fish in my avatar was netted by none other than the Great Brian Robinson. I’ll admit, when the net and fish were headed towards each other I was scared to death!

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    Ohhh boy….I knew I’d take a beating on this one!!!

    I tell ya Mike, I am completely disgusted with my phone. I have gone all thru it, and no…no pic. Biggest pike I’ve ever personally seen; I’d say it was bigger than mine from Red Willow a few years ago. I’m gonna be sick about this one for a while….I’m VERY VERY sorry!!!

    I’ve got one huge net too, so you know he was big if he flipped out of it!

    As for your fish Ben, I’m still amazed at my net job there. I wish they were all as perfect as that one! It’s the curse of the even years I tell ya….’07 was great, ’09 was, and ’11 was phenomenal. ’08 was total crap, believe ’10 wasn’t good, and ’12 isn’t starting out real stellar….beware if you fish with me this year- I’m going to start shopping for a bigger net…and have a back-up camera on-board!!!

    Gretna, NE
    Posts: 143

    Man I hope you got the license plate from that bus that your “friend” threw you under LOL
    Next time tell him to land his own fish haha
    Sounds like a pretty nice fish and as far as phones go, I know your feeling about wanting to smash it. Lost a bunch of photos from my “damaged SD card” on my “smart phone” Hate the thing.

    Brian Robinson
    central Neb
    Posts: 3914

    Hahaha! Ya tell me about it…my phone causes inordinate amounts of rage at times. Ask anyone who knows me about my luck with phones. Thought this new Droid X I got would solve those problems…..jury is still out….

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