ice fishing line?

  • Steve Hix
    Dysart, Iowa
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    New stuff comes out all the time, new technology etc.
    Whats you favorite 2-4 lb line?
    Something new? Same stuff that served you well before?
    We are all looking for the strongest, thinnest, best knot strength line we can find.

    Lil'Can, MN
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    True to that and there’s always old reliable line that we fall back on. Some of the best that I’ve used are no longer made. What is great at 2-4 lb line isn’t always better performing at like 12-14 lb category and vice versa. Most lines will stiff up in the cold frigid temps will become springy right off the spool.

    Gamma ESP Ice – almost disappear. I bought a bunch way back them. One of the strongest strength to line diameter line, if not the strongest one.
    Stren Microfuse Ice – discontinued. Just like Berkley Fireline, almost.
    Silverthread Super – discontinued. Silverthread AN40 replaced it, but it’s softer and slightly less strength.

    Berkley Microice. Reliable but understated. 3# ice line is like most others in the 4# category. Is it really a 4 lb line labeled as 3 lb.
    ASSO Ice Line. Totally dedicated to ice fishing. They also have a variety of ice fishing type of lines. Some are awesome way better than I ever expected – well most of them are. I did find one of them (Super High Tenacity) to be somewhat disappointing due to mfg stated strength properties. I tested and it was average compared to most other fishing lines.
    Pline Floroice is better than Pline Floroclear for ice fishing at least the 3# versions are different diameter.

    and on and on…with all the varieties of lines.

    Hudson, WI
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    I’m trying 3# P-Line Floroice on my pansfish setup for the first time this year. I was impressed enough with the 6# stuff last year on my walleye rod that I figured I’d give it a go.

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    Just got 8 spools of the Asso Heavy ice. Never been disappointed with this line.

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    Jason Guthmiller
    Posts: 105

    I have been using suffix invisible florocarbon on one of my inline reels this year and I haven’t been disappointed in it yet. Haven’t used it in super cold conditions yet but I think the larger spool size and inline retrieve will probably help with coiling. I really like the suffix ice magic I 2 lb and 3 lb on my spinning reels. It does seem to get a little better after some use.

    Woodbury, Mn
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    Micro ice 3 diameter is less than 4.

    Matt Ny
    Posts: 36

    Micro ice is all I use

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