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Welcome to the IGL Bass Club Forum

  • wade_kuehl
    Northwest Iowa
    Posts: 6167

    Welcome guys! Here’s a little information to help you use the forum…

    Posting Pictures

    To add a photo, click on the “Manage Photos” tab located about the post entry box.

    The next step is to locate the photo file on your hard drive. Click “Browse.”

    Once the photo has been located, attach it as you would an image in an email.

    To add the image to our servers, click “Update.”

    If you are finished adding photos, click “Close Window.”

    If you wish to add more than 1 photo, repeat the “Browse” and “Update” steps for each photo. You may add up to 12 images with each post.

    Once you are finished adding photos, make your post. Your photos will be attached. To view each individual photo, hover your pointer over the associated thumbnail.

    Setting your Avatar (picture by your name)

    Click on My Home

    Click on Edit next to: Personal information, email, password, etc.

    Now scoll down to: Your current avatar::

    Click on the Browse button to upload your pic the same way you would attach a pic to a email or a post here on IDA. Uploaded pictures must be approved by the admin so it may not show up right away.

    Sending a Private Message

    If you click on someone’s name it will ask you if you want to send them a private massage. Just follow the steps. If you see a little blinking envelope in the upper right corner of this page it means you have a Private Message. Click on the envelope and it will take you to your mailbox.

    This Forum is PRIVATE and for members only

    This forum can not be seen by anyone who does not have permission to be here. If you are not logged in, you will not be able to see this forum either.

    Feel free to respond here to test it out and ask any questions. You can always email me if you need help. My email is [email protected]

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