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i-Pilot replacement remote

  • Terry Wells
    Posts: 13

    Hello all. I just purchased the items needed to up grade my Power Drive trolling motor V2 to I pilot. The remote I purchased from E-bay (new item) legacy, to me doesn’t seem to work. When i turn it on the screen shows like it is working but within a few seconds it goes out. Is this normal if not connected to the motor?? If it is bad I need to return it within 30 days. I can’t connect it to the motor because my boat is in storage. I live in central Minnesota, lots of ice.


    Two Harbors, MN
    Posts: 3639

    The remote will self turn off if it does not make a “connection” with the head unit.

    You will likely have to pair the remote to the head unit. Google the process or read the manual. If you have a friend you can pair the remote with their ipiliot to see if it works.

    Terry Wells
    Posts: 13

    Thank you. So is that common with what is happening?

    Southern WI
    Posts: 1006

    my remote turns off after a few seconds when the trolling motor is stowed and powered down

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    Lots of missing information here. What upgrade kit did you get and from where? Is it a bluetooth upgrade kit? If so, is your remote a bluetooth remote?

    This kit is legacy ipilot:
    Minn Kota Power Drive V2 iPilot System 1866310

    This kit is bluetooth ipilot:
    Minn Kota PD/V2 to BT iPilot Upgrade Kit FW 2774155-PD/V2

    If your components don’t match with one of those kits then it’s not going to work.

    If you provide more information it will be easier to troubleshoot your issues.

    Terry Wells
    Posts: 13

    The up grade part is minn-kota I-Pilot controller (power drive) (blue tooth) Part # 2774125 and the control board is P/N 2884057. I know I won/t have AP with this I-pilot controller however that is ok. The Remote is the I-Pilot Replacement (blue tooth) # 1866350. ether way it is all blue tooth connected.

    Posts: 1489

    That part # for the remote is for the NON-bluetooth remote. You need the bluetooth remote #1866550.

    I’m not sure if the control board is relevant to this or not.

    Terry Wells
    Posts: 13

    Well after doing the research on i pilot remotes and with the help of this forum I finally realized the difference between Blue tooth and Non Blue tooth remotes. Bottom line is that all Minn-Kota i-pilot “Replacement” remotes are NON BLUE TOOTH. The issue was that I was concerned about weather or not it was working. Now I don’t care, I returned it and I am going to purchase the right remote for what I need. (Blue Tooth). Thank you all for the info you gave me.


    Terry Wells
    Posts: 13

    Does anyone have any idea when the i-pilot “blue tooth” remote will be available to purchase??? All seem to be on BO and they keep pushing the date out in one month intervals.

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