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How much ammo should we stock?

  • stillakid2
    Roberts, WI
    Posts: 4278

    Just thinking about these cycles of ammo shortages that have crept into our existence. My dad taught me as a pup that ammo never goes down so grab some on sale and stock up. Never come into a season surprised. Have what you need for next year, this year, just in case something changes.
    I’d never seen anything like it is now, but his wisdom still applies.
    So, I’m curious to know what you good people think a guy should have on hand “at all times.” How much ammo do you like to have on hand, minimum, on any given day/year.

    I’ll be the first to stick my ridiculous neck out.

    After the Sandy Hook shortages, I raised my numbers to this:

    Shotgun – 250rds per gauge, per shot size desired.
    Rimfire – 1,000rds per chambering.
    Centerfire – 200rds per chambering.
    Handgun Target – 1,000rds per chambering (per gun if multiples exist).
    Handgun Defense – 200rds per chambering (per gun if multiples exist).

    If I were a loader, these are still the numbers I’d build and maintain because by these numbers, it’s the equivalent of having 1 box per application, per year, per decade. So far, the droughts have not lasted a full decade and I can get through them without sacrificing either need or extra money from price gouging.

    It took me 3-3.5 years to build this up and the maintenance has been easy because I only have to replace what I shoot. As I approach retirement, I will begin letting the stash thin at 70 and stop replacing what I shoot. With any luck, I’ll die before I run out. If bad news comes early, fire sale!

    Central WI
    Posts: 173

    Have never been an ammo hoarder, even when I owned a bunch of C-III subguns. I do have enough components to load about 2000 rds of 223 ammo, 1000 rds of 30 Carbine. a couple 100 rds of hunting rifle ammo and 1000 rds of 9mm ammo. Have 2000rds of 22LR ammo and have had for 20+ years. Some of my components are getting a fair amount of dust on them, but they are stored cool/dry. I will likely croak before I use these up.

    If average John Q Hunter is looking to buy some ammo “just in case”….100 rds for their hunting rifle is more than they would likely burn up in 5 or 10 years, possibly longer.

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
    Posts: 1079

    Buy cheap stack deep.

    SW Metro
    Posts: 6978

    Are we talking regular times or for the coming apocalypse? rotflol For regular times I’d say enough for a season or two of hunting, and for B it depends on your skills with a samurai sword or crossbow as backup (Walking Dead reference)… rotflol

    Posts: 330

    Buy cheap stack deep.

    This is almost impossible now days.By this I mean the buy “cheap part”.

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
    Posts: 1079

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>Carter Johnson wrote:</div>
    Buy cheap stack deep.

    This is almost impossible now days.By this I mean the buy “cheap part”.

    Theres some good deals out there still. Check out ammo seek sometime. I can find 9mm for under 20cpr pretty easily.

    Upper Midwest
    Posts: 4153

    I’m not a hoarder by any means. I know some people who have a few hundred firearms and measure their ammo stock by the x10k.

    I’ve probably got 1000 rounds of .22lr, 250 rounds of 9mm, 250 of .380, a couple hundred of .357, a couple boxes each of 30-06, 30-30, and .270wsm that I keep as a bare minimum, and a dozen boxes of 12 gauge target loads on hand. Other assorted 1-2 box quantities that are rattling around the safe would be goose loads, shotgun slugs (hunt mainly rifle).

    I don’t shoot or hunt nearly as much as I used to, but I keep enough around that if I want to do something I can go do so (and bring my nephew or friends who many not have their own supply).

    I probably only purchase ammo a couple times a year to restock what I shot if I find it on sale. If it’s absurd pricing, I don’t bother. I don’t think an apocalypse is coming, nor do I think I’ll be taking up arms for WWIII from my basement.

    Two Harbors, MN
    Posts: 3585

    My personal goal is 3-5K for pistols,.22,556 and shotguns.
    500 for my hunting rifles.

    Plymouth, MN
    Posts: 7887

    Hunting ammo I don’t have piles of, mostly because I’m very specific about what I use and I can’t find it regularly anymore. I generally only take 2 shots per deer season: one at the range and another to shoot a deer, so a box of 20 will last me quite a while. Same with turkey shot, just two shots per season (if I’m lucky).

    Pheasant ammo has been pretty hard to come by. I have about 3 boxes but I am always on the look out for more of it.

    I have probably 500 rounds of 9mm for pistol range shooting and over 1000 rounds of .22LR for plinking.

    I don’t own a lot of guns, I’m not really trying to stock pile the ammo, and I don’t do a lot of recreational shooting, so there’s really no reason fro me to build up a stash of it.

    Central Mn North of the smiley water tower
    Posts: 2169

    If the wife doesn’t question if you really need that much ammo, then you don’t have enough!!!

    I’ll never get accused of having to little, and usually get called from every relative and friend, and their friends come hunting seasons when they can’t find what they need at a store.
    Same as most, guns that shoot fast I like to have more available ammo. I love to shoot with the kids, especially hunting rifles. So 40+ rounds per person for their calibers is necessary just for shooting practice.
    We’ve been going through 200-300 round of .243 each year for many years, and you couldn’t hardly find it on a shelf. Still don’t find it often. But I had enough stockpiled that we didn’t have to stop enjoying using the guns.
    When I find a caliber or gauge I use at a good/great price, I buy it. waytogo

    Roberts, WI
    Posts: 4278

    I don’t consider myself a hoarder. I’ve never cleaned off a shelf or took a whole case being stocked. I’ve done a fair amount of online purchasing because the deals were too good to pass up, but most often, I simply looked at my paycheck, and bought some ammo with a small percentage of it. On sale was best.

    I hope to do a lot of recreational shooting later in life. I’ve learned that when ammo is properly cared for, it’ll last as long as you want it too. So, seeing shotgun target ammo at $10/bx now, I’m glad I’m currently shooting ammo that cost $3/bx, and I’ll be using ammo that cost less than $4/bx for years because of the stocking plan. Granted, it’s only a cost savings if I use it. I understand.

    I am also a person that owns more than 3 long guns and a shorty. I mean, 5 safes… I’ll let that paint a picture. Reason? Just variety. Options. I enjoy different things for different applications, experiences, or even thrills! I have no apocalypse expectations or end of the world fears. Things go bad, they can still go bad, but I’m not worried about the end of days. At all. This is all about long-term cost and hoping I can afford to do it late in life without rolling my eyes because I never thought I’d have to pay $100/bx to hunt or $50/bx to shoot. For some chamberings, this is a reality already.

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