Humminbird Deal on 998

  • BassinBill
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    Reeds has the 998c SI Combo for $900 off. It brings the price down from $2,199 to $1,299. It made up my mind to jump ship from Lowrance so I can run a Lakemaster chip.

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    I bet they weren’t selling many for $2,199 since that was the price 3 years ago…Now you can find the HD version pretty much anywhere for $1,500 or less…So i’d say they’re just staying competitive, not reducing the price by $900.

    Chuck Melcher
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    I know nothing of the models or such…. yea, I like to have one but.

    Was at Bass Pro this past weekend, peaking at the new stuff, and the young guy at the counter said there are rebates on current models, as the 2014 versions are coming with a few improvements, but most importantly, a much lower price point as the technology keeps coming down – like computers or anything electronic I guess. His point was to buy carefully now… or wait a little longer.

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    Technology continues to go down in price…Yet prices of vehicles continue to rise. The new versions will have touch screens or other gadgets and the price will be higher guaranteed.

    My SI unit is 3yrs old…I’d be OK if they came out with a new version. I could sell mine and upgrade.

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    Does anybody know the difference between the 997 and the 998?

    Monticello / Guthrie, MN
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    998 vs. 997 has faster processor and will do stuff like 360 imaging or I-Pilot Link that you cannot do with the 997.

    Paul Heise
    River Falls, Wi
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    Does anybody know the difference between the 997 and the 998?

    The 998 has a faster processor in it. Which is an advantage when running the newer lakemaster chips as they are packed with tons of info. The 997 will load slow and you will over drive the refreshing capabilities( be looking at a grid) unless you are zoomed out quite a bit while navigation at full speed. Thats just the GPS aspect.

    As far as SI and such the 998 will come with an HD transducer for a better side image reading and picture. I think the 998 has a little better screen pixel resolution than the 997 as well but not 100% certian. The series ending in eights can easily be linked via a simple ethernet cable also. The older series have to be hooked through a link module to share waypoints, trails, etc and can be a PIA. If the budget allows go with the 998, you will be much happier. And as Bob mentioned it can be linked with I-pilot and 360.

    Tom P.
    Whitehall Wi.
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    Then there is the difference in the 898 and 998 to the 898HD and the 998HD HD is backlighted, much brighter, much easier to read the screen in direct sunlight. If it does not say HD on the unit itself it is the older non HD unit. Now used shopuld start to be going dirt cheap I would think.

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    sweet I’ve been waiting for a deal
    Thanks for the tip

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