Looking for Cabin in Oct/Nov

  • BigZamer
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    I am looking for a place to stay for 6-8 guys that is fairly close to Red Wing that has kitchen, boat parking etc. If anybody has any recommendations I would love to hear them. I do know about Evert’s and that may be an option, but I know they shut off the water to the cabins once the weather turns cold.

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    The water being turned off is entirely weather dependent. I stayed at Everts in early Novemeber last year and water wasn’t a problem. Fishing was dynamite too!

    Hastings/Isle MN
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    Brian K has been known to spray down campers with the hose when needed. I wouldn’t be too worried about Evert’s. I would give them two .

    Dean Marshall
    Chippewa Falls WI /Ramsey MN
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    Pretty limited on this end of the pool for cabins.Most of the guys will stay at the Parkway in Redwing 651-388-8231.

    Most of our openings for Oct & Nov are pretty much booked already for this fall with just a handfull of openings as of now.Otherwise there are some cabins on the south end of the pool that some folks really like at Alma & LaCoupalis.

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