Tipping a guide

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    I should be tipped for every post I make here.

    And before you type up a reply. Yes, you are so clever by think, “Here’s a tip. Stop posting”.

    That was a preemptive strike by me.

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    Im not big on tips as it seems everyone these days expects one. Also there are resturants that are makeing a fortune but wont pay their help a decent wage and expect me to make up for it. However I will tip a decent amount if the person is friendly and makes sure everything is fine.

    I used to do a salmon charter every year and the first thing I told the crew was I tip based on the fishing or the effort put into it. You could tell they tried harder and we usually caught more fish than the rest of the fleet. I also had one year where a young captain thought his only job was to drive the boat and talk to his girl friend on his cell phone. He was surprised when is helper got a bigger tip than he did when we got back to shore and I told him why. I also called his boss and let him know and he wasnt there the next year.

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