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Big Stone bite going strong

  • dtf
    Posts: 61

    Fished the last couple of days in May with great success. Many fish over 20″ comming to the boat. Most out fishing are fishing crawler/spinner rigs or pulling cranks. Water temp was right @ 60 degrees. The north half of the lake appears to be producing more eater fish (under 20″), while the south end has produced more picture fish (over 20″).Some bonus bluegills also found their way to the boat(and hot oil).

    Calvin Svihel
    Northwest Metro, MN
    Posts: 3862

    Fine looking bunch of fish. Those gills look very nice!

    Quintin Biermann
    Webster, South Dakota
    Posts: 436

    Nice work, I used to fish Bigstone and Traverse more here back before 06 since I ventured an hour west its hard for me to get back east , nice fish- Q

    Zach H
    Posts: 374

    Just got back from Big Stone yesterday, and we had a hard time finding any fish under the 20″ mark on the south end again. We caught a couple good eaters in the 16-17″ range but anything we caught over 19″ went back in the water. All the fish were very healthy. Never tried the north end of the lake. Spinners and crank baits are still the bait of choice.

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