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Fishing lake of the woods Nestor falls in august

  • chris
    northern Illinois
    Posts: 51

    I am heading to Canada the first week in august and was wondering if anyone had any info on tackle to take for walleye and musky. I am staying at Muskie bay resort on crow lake but they have a launch on stevens bay and whitefish bay. I have walleye fished Stevens bay in the fall and have had good luck with a jig and minnow. I have been told that pulling spinners is good that time of year and like to paint my own blades and was wondering what size and colors would be good. Any other info for the area that time of year would be appreciated, I like catching all fish so bass and pike tips would be great also. Thank you

    Denny O
    Central IOWA
    Posts: 5366

    ring worms, deer tail jigs

    Mound, MN
    Posts: 4838

    i was fishing that time of year out of souix narrows oh back in 2017? Caught almost all of our walleye on jig and a minnow. Did well on smallmouth casting crankbaits toward shore.

    If you have never been up there do yourself a favor and bring a good spotlight for the boat! we made long runs to get to the spots we were fishing and coming back in the dark would have been a disaster without one

    Michael C. Winther
    Reedsburg, WI
    Posts: 1200

    that time of August for muskies I would run west from Stevens Bay until you get to the deep water areas to the south and west near Hay Island. working bucktails, depthraiders, and topwater on points, reefs, and small islands adjacent to those basins will treat you well. pay attention to wind direction and current to find the spot on the spot.

    both the Humminbird/Lakemaster and Lowrance/Insight maps are very accurate for that part of Lake of the Woods; i can’t speak to Crow.

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2507

    Jig and minnow or leech should be money. Last time up I used a crayfish color jig head and didn’t need to tie anything else on. I don’t muskie fish so no help there, we did catch some good pike trolling raps. The pike in my picture came out of LOW a bit north of there on a jig and leech with 6lb line on.

    northern Illinois
    Posts: 51

    Michael, I got my first Ontario musky on the I believe eastern point of hay island in early October 2019 on a suick, not big but a musky none the less.

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