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Fishing ideas in West Fargo?

  • Ken Ganzer
    Posts: 8

    Hi all,

    I’ll be in West Fargo, ND for 10 days in July. I’m an experienced fisherman but I’ve never been to Fargo. Are there fishing spots to try from shore there?

    For instance, I’ll be staying near where 32nd Ave E crosses the Sheyenne River. Is fishing possible there from shore?

    How about the Red River from shore?

    I’m also open to renting a kayak or canoe or hiring a guide in the area if that helps.

    Do any of you have any suggestions for places to try in Fargo or nearby? Thank you!

    Posts: 740

    yes you can fish the sheyenne at 32nd st off the box culverts, or further north right off sheyenne st. on the bend where the diversion channel starts. I’ve fished there a few times for catfish as well as for bait for catfishing on the red. In regards to the Red itself, there are a lot of accessible areas to fish. You could get into some really good catfishing if you hire a guide, but you could also have some good action right in town if you talk to some locals.

    Ken Ganzer
    Posts: 8

    Thanks tornadochaser. I appreciate the info. I’ll give it a try in July and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

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