Doe permits are out…

  • Mike W
    MN/Anoka/Ham lake
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    Thanks. Just checked and I’m shooting a doe this year. All those young bucks get a pass.

    cold spring mn
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    My kid got one. That’s 1 for 2 in 196. Not sure about my brother and the other 2 in 169. But only 25 permits are being issued there

    Ramsey, MN
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    Didn’t get drawn this year. Last year was either sex and the year before was either plus one management tag. Winters and wolves must have taken their toll.

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 4487

    Winters and wolves must have taken their toll.

    I’m sure that has something to do with it. I read on the DNR website that because of hunter polling they changed some of the management goals. For my area 159 they said we wanted to see more deer, so they went from a either sex to the lottery. You can look at your area on there and see why changes were made.

    I also got a permit in the mail yesterday. yay

    North branch, mn
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    Glad I kill on public land close to home were I can kill 3 in an area.

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
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    If you dont get drawn you should beable to crossbow hunt on an archery tag an still harvest either sex in a lottery zone.

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