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Detroit Lakes Area Report – Mixed Bag 5-16

  • loren_keizer
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    Well I was not able to make it out for the MN opener so Monday morning was my first shot at walleyes. The lake was like glass when I first started out in the morning but I was able to have a nice “walleye chop” shortly after. I fished some shallower cabbage, 8-12 fow, pitching jigs and plastics. The northerns and bass were very active but I wasn’t able to get the walleyes dialed in. I did manage a nice 16″ walleye and 13″ crappie for a meal, releasing all other fish caught.

    The surface temps have dropped from last week 5-7 degrees but I expect things to warm back up again quickly with the forecast we have over the next 5-7 days.

    Anyone else have any luck over the opener in the DL area?

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    We made it out over the course of the weekend in the Ottertail area and ended up doing OK. 2 nice eyes and a bonus perch in the morning Saturday while dealing with that awful wind on OT. They made a great lunch!

    That evening we were able to pull in 8 nice eater eyes and a bonus 23.5 cpr on a different lake. Also kept the 5 smallersmaller norskies we boated to pickle.

    Sunday evening was actually quite a bit slower for us but we managed 4 decent eaters and some small throwbacks.

    Monday morning we found the little guys thick but managed a 22 cpr along with 2 nice eaters.

    The ladies appreciated the fish fry since we were gone so much ;-)

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