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Delta kayak vs eddyline

  • Erica Holley
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    I’m looking to upgrade my kayak I have a elle 10′ I’m looking at a delta Rio or the 10′ eddyline not sure the model. Need some insight which is the better kayak. I mainly use it on lakes

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    I’m not familiar with these brands, but have fished out of a hand paddled kayak and a foot powered one…the foot powered will have you greatly increasing your line time in the water and increased cast counts

    Minneapolis, MN
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    I have owned many kayaks/canoes/inflatables over the years and while both of those seem like fine boats and probably very good paddlers, I would have a very hard time fishing out of a traditional sit-inside kayak due to lack of accessible gear storage and the comfort factor on long trips.

    If you are interested in fishing but still want a sit-inside due to their many advantages, they are making a comeback in the fishing world with some fishing-specific features.

    Checkout the Bonafide EX123 Expedition, Old Town Loon, or the Jackson Kilroy for some nice options.

    p.s. if you are mostly about paddling then either of your choices seem fine to me

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