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    For the guys who make there own harnesses what test line do you use and why? T.i.a

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    10-20 typically. I haven’t seen any downside to going heavier. I always use Mono to help keep the line up vs floro that sinks.

    If you’re in a really clear lake, I usually will gravitate towards a thinner diameter line to keep it as invisible as possible.

    Berkley XT is my go to. It’s inexpensive and works well!

    Harris, Somewhere in VNP
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    I use 10lb flouro on my long spinners for mille lacs and generally 12lb flouro for my short spinners for trolling through weeds.

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    I use 6lbs XT. I have a buddy that uses 4lbs XT.

    Just a note to people that use XT, pound for pound, 10lbs XT has the highest break strength when compared to what’s on the box. 10lbs XT will typically break at 18-20lbs on the pull test. For comparison, 12lbs XT breaks right around the same as 10, but is just slightly more abrasion resistant.

    Jake D
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    I run 20 just due to all the northerns in the lakes I fish

    Michael C. Winther
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    i’ve been using 17lb Trilene XL. it’s cheap and the fish don’t mind it at least in the stained waters portion of Lac Seul where I use them.

    i also like that the line diameter interacts with the beads nicely and is easier for me to tie.

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    Hey Scratcher!

    I assume you’re asking for the river which is where I generally fish too (Pool 4). I’ve shifted from mono (12lb Berkley XT) to Invisxx 15 lb flouro recently. But it hasn’t seemed to make a bit of difference and may switch back to Berkley XT at some point. I have noticed, and maybe it’s just me, that the flouro seems to break easier after it’s been stretched.

    When I fish Sakakawea in N.D. I use the same gear, but my family has always just used Stren mono out there (I think about 8lb) and it has worked well.

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    Mono for me, generally 10#….both because it floats and because it is what is laying around. It’s pretty rare that I use any mono that’s NOT Stren Magnathin for any mono applications.

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    Hey Scratcher!
    I have noticed, and maybe it’s just me, that the flouro seems to break easier after it’s been stretched.

    That’s a correct assumption. Some will say that Flouro doesn’t stretch as much as Mono, but it stretches just as much, it just stretches much closer to it’s break strength, where mono will begin to stretch through a pull test. So, once you’ve pulled on it, it will be much more likely to break. Also, since Flouro is much less forgiving as Mono, it doesn’t doesn’t resist shock as well, another reason why it would seem to break easier after pushing the strength of the line.

    spring valley mn
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    Hello shockers, long time no see how you been? I started to migrate down stream some put in at Wabasha today did decent where you been?

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    12lb for me…stiff enough not to twist up.

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