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Rice Lake Ice Thickness 12-26-2012

  • Dustin Manecke
    Posts: 4

    Does anybody know how thick the ice is on Rice Lake in Barron County?

    Brandon, SD 57005
    Posts: 789

    Fished the north end Christmas day. The ice was about 7 inches. There were 3 permanent shacks out of North Shore Resort. Doug, of North Shore said he was going to put out his bigger shack today. Fish were finicky. Tons of small perch and gills. There were some nice northerns caught. I was using a #12 glow gill pill with most success. I added a piece of pink piece of plastic with a larvae on and had better success. Bigger gills starting biting by about 3:30 and the bite was pretty good til about 5:00. The still were not huge but son and I manage to kept about 25 and I caught one bonus northern and boy was that fun on light line. I think if you went out early in deeper water you could probably find a crappie bite. Unfortunately weather is going to be moving into South Dakota tomorrow, so I am heading home tomorrow, but am going out this afternoon to give it one more shot. Good Luck

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