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Chamberlain report 3/19

  • Michael Best
    Posts: 296

    Been fishing in chamberlain since Thursday bight.
    Caught close the 80 fish the last couple of days. Lots of fish in the 13 to 15” range with a fair amount from 16 to 18”. Biggest fish caught was a 22” female full of eggs.

    Water temps are in the 40 to 41 degree range with the nice weather.

    The majority of the fish came on a jig and a minnow. Did catch 7 throwing a blade bait with the biggest fish of the trip coming on the blade bait.

    Perham Mn
    Posts: 200

    Nice. Beats the 3 ft of ice around here! How far is the river open?

    Michael Best
    Posts: 296

    I am not sure how far south of town it is open.

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