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pool 4 tourney

  • catman87
    Cannon Falls, MN
    Posts: 59

    Deoes anyone run a little tourney of some sort? If not would anyone be interested in getting a some people together and running a little tourney. I’ve always wanted to put a little one on but need more guys to do it!

    Kasson, MN
    Posts: 226

    If you’re looking to fish a low pressure tournament on pool 4, you should join the walleye searchers club. We have a tournament on pool 4 once a month. Boat numbers range from 10-20 depending on time of year. Annual seminar March 14th at the Elk’s in rochester. Come check us out. Tommy Skarlis is the guest speaker.

    St. Paul, Mn
    Posts: 10908

    I believe he is looking for a catfish tourney.


    st. paul
    Posts: 124

    Moore’s Bait used to have a few during the summer. It would be nice to see that cpr/ informal format again.

    Cannon Falls, MN
    Posts: 59

    Yeah I am lookin for a cat tourney and that’s what I was thinkin cpr with something in the picture to prove it was caught that night! I’m not talking nothing huge maybe ten fifteen boats

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58702


    It’s that time of year again! Contest begins April 1st. Looking forward to having IDO’ers participate once again!

    Cmon open water.

    King of the Cats 2011

    Dtro’s running a very popular C&R tourney again this year. The tread is where the action is at in the Species Specific Forums/Catfish and Sturgeon.

    See you there!

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