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Big thank you to Sunset Cove Resort on Cass/report

  • drew-evans
    rochester MN
    Posts: 1099

    This spring at our annual rochester walleye searchers banquet i had the opportunity to bid on a 7 day stay at Sunset Cove Resort on cass lake and won!! we took our trip last week and all i can say is that this place is awesome! and so are the people Al, cheryl and there boys were very helpful with fishing information and were great people to hang out with and tip back a few beers with. thanks again for donating the trip to our annual banquet! I hope i can fit this trip into my schedule in the future and will for sure be recommending your place

    Now onto the fishing!!

    We caught all the walleyes you would ever want and even had a few nice perch mixed in, we also caught plenty of pike right of the resort docks! The first few days of our trip we found most of our nicer fish in the inlets and outlets of andrusia and Mississippi inlet to cass. we targeted these fish with a 1/4 oz, 1/16 oz jig tipped w/shiner. as the week went on these bites slowed and we moved to the main lake bars and found nice fish again this time we used lindy’s w/leeches and also caught some on a jig and shiner. the perch were also snapping out there on fatheads.

    big fish of the trip is pictured here at 26″ caught on a jig and shiner and CPR’d to fight another day. also a pic of one of the many pike caught of the docks at the resort and the girls decked out in their new sunset cove gear!

    Thanks again Al Cheryl and company!!


    Wade Boardman
    Grand Rapids, MN
    Posts: 4111

    Awesome report Drew. Glad to hear you had a good trip. It sure is fun to get away from Roch and try new waters.

    Grand Meadow, MN
    Posts: 204

    Thanks for the report Drew. I am always interested to hear what’s going on up there. We go to Cass for a couple weeks every year. It just amazes me that as good as the fishing is up there, that hardly anyone talks about it. Glad to hear that you had a good trip!

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