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Calamus outing in the wind.

  • HookCook
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    Got up to Calamus yesterday afternoon. Put in at buckshot .With that horrific wind there was nothing we could but live bait and in joy the fabulous weather. We came in about 7 PM had 3 keeper walleye 4 cats and 1 big wiper. At the cleaning station .Saw 2 nice limits of walleye and a bunch of cats. They told us, they got there fish between the last nice boat ramp & gracy creek. Both live bait and plugs worked.
    Well after dark we went back and walk-trolled the dam. Boy what a difference. There is some big pigs walleye in that lake. We kept 4 small milking males put everything else back. Got out to day about 9am. What a nice day we had. Got some nice post spawn fish on the points around the dam. 20 to 40 foot deep 1/8 and 1/4 oz. Jigs I am not one for color but pink seemed to work the best. Of corse I did not have any. A couple guys were drifting . Saw them get a couple to. Some of the fish we got ,looked pretty beat up. We talked to some of the folks that went down to the gracy creek area.they had more cats then walleye but they had a limits of some nice walleye & there overs. P.S. Take plenty of bait with you in the boat. there is a ton of shorts out there and there hungry.

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