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Brushy Creek 12/26/08

  • fish-them-all
    Oakdale, MN
    Posts: 1187

    My father and I headed out to Brushy last Friday afternoon. The walk out was decent since all the snow had melted down. We worked around the trees and found some decent sunfish, perch and a few crappies using gill pills, diamond jigs and forage minnow jigs tipped with waxies/spikes. The bite was not fast and furious by any means, but we were able to find some small groups of fish. With the warm weather the ice there is going to need some help as there were some areas only 4″s thick in amongst the trees and there was water running in some holes.

    Iowa City, Iowa
    Posts: 3037

    Thanks for the report! That is one place I would like to swiss cheese lokking for walleyes

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
    Posts: 94

    Nice report, is it hard finding fish with all the cover in that lake? I have never fished it but hopefully I will get to this year. I just need to convince my buddy it’t worth the drive.

    Oakdale, MN
    Posts: 1187

    It can be difficult finding fish in all the brush and trees. Just keep moving till you find fish. I think we drilled around 25 holes, but only half a dozen held fish. Don’t be afraid to fish right next to trees and limbs either. I did get one small walleye, but we didn’t stay past 4:30. Suprisingly, the bass stayed away from our tip ups for once. Of course so did the walleyes.

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