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Big Stone This Weekend

  • Darrin Bonnema
    Posts: 7

    Hi Ladies and Gentleman,

    I am taking my 4 year old son and 6 year old nephew to Big Stone this weekend. This will be my first trip there, and would like to get the little guys on some fish. Does anybody have any reccommendations? Not looking for your “hot spot”, but any tips would be appreciated as far as depths, lures, colors, etc. I am bringing both the hard house and the portable. Ideally, we would set up the hard house for an evening and morning walleye bite, and take the portable out during the day to chase perch. Thanks in advance for any tips!

    Sartell, MN.
    Posts: 6904

    I know a friend of mine was up there last week and did real well on the Perch. He said lots of fish in the 9.5-11″ range ( Nice eating size perch ) sorry I don’t have any additional Info. to help you out. Hopefully you can get on a good bite and the kids have a great time – Good luck to you.

    Posts: 95

    I am also heading out there is up coming weekend. I have been following Arties bait shop on Facebook and he does update fishing reports once in a while. From what he has said 13 feet on water seems to be the go to depth.

    Mike Klein
    Hastings, MN
    Posts: 1020

    They roam the basin spread out and you will be fine. stop at Artie’s they will help you. Walleyes will be 1-3′ perch in the middle basin

    Central Mn North of the smiley water tower
    Posts: 2169

    X3 on Artie’s. They’re usually quite helpful.

    Posts: 727

    For the Perch.. we put a pretty good beat down on them a couple weeks ago.
    Clam bomb spoon in Glow Purple Tiger loaded to the gills with red spikes… 1/16th oz
    Bigger fish were shallower than rest.

    Good luck.

    Posts: 874

    Spikes on a 1/8oz spoon is my go-to starter, everything that lives in the lake will eat it, and I’ll adjust from there. Ask the bait shop what accesses they’ve been using, you may have to go up the lake 10-15 miles or more from Ortonville to find active schools.

    Everyone is right about fish roaming the basin. I wouldn’t worry about a specific walleye bite, those can be tough to find plus if you land in the right area, you’ll catch some mixed in. You might find some nice gills and crappies, too plus the 12″-14″ white bass also clean and eat really well.

    The other thing I’d mention is if the weather is nice midday (and it looks like it will be), try to fish like the locals. Land on a spot, drill 3-6 holes and fish it for 10-15 minutes. If you don’t catch fish, make a 200-300 yard move and fish another 3-6 holes for 15 minutes and keep repeating until you land on them. If active fish are in an area, you’ll know within 5 minutes. Hope this helps, good luck.

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