Berkley Micro ice – Icing walleyes

  • Tyler Schaefer
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    Is 4lb. Berkley Mirco ice line good for Walleyes? the actual question is,.. Is Berkley

      4 or 6lb. (either or)

    Micro ice line good for walleyes?

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    I have never had a problem with it. If you fish deeper then 20 try a super line, your hook up percentage will go up from the no stretch. If your fish aggressive lures put a barrel swivel and a floro leader on. ( leader would depend on how many snot rockes the lake has.)

    Shell Rock Iowa
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    I agree with the above response. If this is a dedicated “walleye” rod, I’d suggest going 6lb. If you want to use a mix of walleye and smaller panfish lures, then I’d recommend going 4lb.

    Personally I really like using Berkley Nanofil in 6lb test. If you go with the Nanofil, please learn and use the recommended knots or you will be frustrated.

    One drawback/benefit with Nanofil is it’s small diameter. On one hand the small diameter allows your lure to move very naturally. On the other hand, a small nick in the line is actually a big nick relative to the total diameter. I do like using it when inside my shelter but prefer a mono line when fishing out in the open.

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    I have had very good success with using Power Pro 10-12lb line and then I run an 8lb fluorocarbon leader off of a barrel swivels about 18″ up from my bait. I still get great sensitivity doing this and do not sacrifice line strength.

    That is just from my own experience and I know everyone has their own way of doing things, this way has produced for me.


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