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battery adaptors

  • mudhole
    Posts: 48

    Anyone use an adaptor that converts one brands battery to work with a different brands tools?

    I feel stupid I didn’t even know these existed. I just saw a YouTube video showing these. I started with Makita battery tools a LONG time ago so always stuck with them because I didn’t want to invest into a different battery system. All my Makitas are great tools (hammer drill preforms flawlessly with the kdrill). The thing is I have seen some Milwaukee tools that do not exist in the Makita lineup. Now I’m thinking I have an option. They seem to get great reviews.

    Any opinions?

    Posts: 3310

    I have a lot of ridgid tools and a few Milwaukee tools. I have one of the adapters that let me use my ridgid batteries in Milwaukee tools. It works ok but it adds extra length to things and in some things the size of it will not fit in some Milwaukee tools

    Hot Runr Guy
    West Chicago, IL
    Posts: 1924

    I bought an adapter off Amazon to adapt a Milwaukee M18 battery to one of my old Craftsman 19.2V saws, and it works as expected.


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