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anything biteing in the bay?

  • brian john kuphal
    Posts: 2

    Haven’t seen any good reports around the bay area all summer,what’s going on out there?made three trips there myself and had little success.

    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
    Posts: 18801

    I made a trip up to the bay with a couple buddies back in June and the bite was tough due to very dirty water conditions. I honestly haven’t heard anything since that time.

    Posts: 1471

    We fished smallmouth the end of July and did very well on the Bay. Fished with Chris Beeksma. Caught probably 20 fish. Biggest being 20.5 inches. Spiinerbaits some live bait and some cranks. Fun day.

    Drummond, WI
    Posts: 149

    I was able to get out a few times this last month and had good success trolling. Landed a few nice walleye as well as smallmouth in the 13-16 ft depth. I would also make a pull or two along the Ashland shore line prior to coming off the water for the day. My 5 yr old sons PB 29inch walleye came from just below the Toyota dealership.

    Will be up next week and try to get out after I hopefully fill my bear tag. Will let you know.

    brian john kuphal
    Posts: 2

    Well its good to hear some good stuff coming from the bay,I chase Lakers and coho most of the time and its been a tough summer!

    Menomonie, WI
    Posts: 2303

    Neighbor just got back from a 2 week trip to Red Cliff and he found a lot of big fish on one of the outer islands. Can;t remember the name of the island but did see his pics. Lots of 28-32 inch lakers. I guess those are big to me but may be small to others.

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