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Anyone having any luck?

  • TH
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    I had multiple bears coming in daily until September 1. Now my baits are cold. Seems like a good acorn crop that I can’t compete with. Anyone having bears hitting their bait yet?

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    Mine were cold over the weekend and early this week, but one was hit yesterday at 5pm by a shooter and my other bait was hit last night by a big sow with second year cubs.

    Haven’t seen the new Fatty in Town since last week

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    Hudson, Wi
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    It has been slow and disappointing for me so far. Hunted Wed – Sunday in Wis. Had a nice sow and 3 cubs come into bait on Thursday evening. Very cool to watch. Took some cool video of Boo Boo 1 knocking a big rock off my bait log and hit Boo Boo 2 in the head. They didn’t hang around long and didn’t come back to bait until Saturday about midnight. I’ve only had a single bear in bait on 9/2/22 and just had another one back on Saturday night at 2am. I baited on Sunday and my buddy put more out on Tuesday. All the bait was gone. He will bait again Thursday and I will hunt on Saturday evening. My confidence isn’t very high at this point. I probably won’t hunt much more after this weekend.

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    I had bears in 19 days straight, until the season opened. I’ve even changed bait. I went through a 55 gallon drum of granola, 5 gallons of honey, 45 gallons of nuts. Now it pop tarts. I’ve watched at least 5 bears all gain 75 pounds. This picture pretty much sums up my season.

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    Red Eye
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    Buddy I was baiting for shot a 100 pounder Saturday morning in MN opening weekend in zone 45. Bears were very sporadic. Had couple sows with cubs on 2 different baits. Had 3rd bait hit by big boy early then disappeared. A bigger sow on 3rd bait showed up right before season but only at night. His bear was the only hunt able/kill able bear we had. He could have waited but weighed his options and filled his tag. It was his first bear. Figured if he filled bear tag on first weekend that was another pheasant hunt he could go on later this fall.

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