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Any tips?

  • jbg1219
    NW Iowa
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    Heading up Saturday for a week long stay. This is a family vacation so, fishing is not priority 1, but it would be nice to catch something and get the boys on a bite of some kind. I am willing to go after anything I can find, other than muskie. I now I am never up there when a guy should be, but there should be something willing to bite, rather it be the northern, walleye, or panfish. Looking for some tips! I have struggled with this lake every time up. The lake is big and I have time eliminating water while looking at the map… It all looks fishy to me! Thanks in advance!

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    General area you’ll be fishing out of, and how far you’ll travel would be good to throw out.

    NW Iowa
    Posts: 462

    General area you’ll be fishing out of, and how far you’ll travel would be good to throw out.

    You are 100% correct… I will be staying at Trappers and fishing from there. Closer the better but I am willing to go wherever needed as long as the wind is rolling in crazy waves. Have a 19 foot tin boat with a 150.

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    Having stayed out of Trappers last year, Huddle’s Reef is a go-to. Purple iridescent crawfish shad raps trolled over the reef caught us fish. Seemed very color specific. That was an afternoon bite. Recently, it has sounded like a night bite is the most reliable pattern out there. Shallow sand long-lining cranks. Good luck!

    The Back 40
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    It’ll be a drive but Walker bay tends to be your best bet come late July-Aug. Find some flats around 25-30′ and hit those at dawn and dusk.

    Sean Solberg
    St. Paul
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    Fishing out of Trappers, you should consider the mid-lake reefs or second breaklines offshore. Given the time of year, I’d probably start looking in 13-17′ and adjust from there.

    Leech is a different lake in the big basin vs Agency/Walker bay. Those bays are very clear and deep, while the rest of the lake is much shallower and more gin-stained. So in most of the lake, the walleye won’t necessarily be in that 25-30 foot range (though they will likely be so in Agency/Walker bay).

    For tactics near where you’ll be:
    Northerns and walleye can probably be found pulling cranks over some of the mid-depth bars near pelican island or over shallower flats at sunset.

    -If there’s wind, work the windward side of any points/bars.
    -Boy bay is shallow-plenty of pike,
    -Consider the islands or potentially stony point/ottertail if nothing else is working.
    -If all else fails, the bite directly above/in emergent weedlines should get some action.

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