Any Saugerama 2023 Info?

  • Steven Krapfl
    Springville, Iowa
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    Is there going to be a Saugerama this year? I haven’t fished it in about 7 years, but was thinking of giving it a go again and was wondering if a date had been set yet.

    Greg Krull
    South Metro / Pool 4
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    Oct 21st. It’s only posted on FB now. doah

    Steven Krapfl
    Springville, Iowa
    Posts: 1376

    gotcha, I don’t have FB, so no wonder I didn’t see it.

    koldfront kraig
    Coon Rapids mn
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    Does anyone know why its only on Facebook?

    Jon Jordan
    St. Paul, Mn
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    From FB

    2023 Saugerama

    Saugerama 2023

    Saturday October 21st, 2023

    Mississippi River Pool 4, 7:30am to 3:00pm

    Entry Fee $150

    Per boat, two anglers per boat, 80% payback to top 15% or top 3 places.

    Big Sauger $10

    Per boat, 100% payback. Tie-breaker next biggest fish.


    1) This is a CATCH, PHOTO, RELEASE tournament. Judge rulers, SD cards and score cards will be provided. You must supply your own camera that accepts a standard size SD card. Check in and boat inspection at the dock @ Mr. Sippi Saturday morning.

    2) Register now!

    3) 50 boat limit.

    4) First five boats are based on the previous years results.

    a. Boat #1 – Matt Pitz and Brian Ericson

    b. Boat #2 – Clark Baldwin and Corey Baldwin

    c. Boat #3 – Jeff McClintock and Jason Fox

    d. Boat #4 – Maury Schmerbach and Dave Ambort

    e. Boat #5 – Andy Wenzel and Gary Wenzel

    5) Boat numbers will be drawn @ 6pm, Thursday 10/20 for paid entries, all other entries will be assigned the morning of the tournament.

    6) Pool 4 only

    7) Take off 7:30am, Mr. Sippi dock, back channel

    Check in 3:00pm, Mr. Sippi dock, back channel

    9) Score based on your EIGHT ( best SAUGERS

    10) 14” minimum for saugers. Measurements are rounded up to the next quarter inch, so a fish touching the 13.75” line will score 14”.

    11) You may NOT place any Saugers or Walleye in your live well during tournament hours. Placing fish in the livewell at anytime will result in disqualification.

    12) Four (4) lures max per boat!

    This is an informal and relaxed event, enjoy your time on the water!

    Results will be presented at the Bluffs Bar and Grill around 4:30pm.

    There will be food and drinks available for purchase at the Bluffs Bar and Grill.

    Grab a fishing partner and come join us for this great event.

    Mail entry fee no later than Friday October 14th, 2023

    Steve Gnotke 651-278-1879

    502 South 7th Street, Lake City, MN 55041

    Venmo: @Steve-Gnotke

    Mike Utley 507-269-4316

    Venmo: @MikeUtley-1

    Hard Water Fan
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    I thought rule 12 is interesting. I could probably apply that rule to all of my ice fishing trips and catch the same number of fish.

    Jon Jordan
    St. Paul, Mn
    Posts: 5145

    That rule is in place because P4 is border water with WI. You can legally fish 3 lines per angler on the WI side of the river. They want all teams to be limited to the same number of lines regardless of where they choose to fish.


    Posts: 1514

    What’s the entry fee, Jon? Thanks for the info.

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