Any opener reports??

  • rubberduck
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    Can anyone tell me how they did on or near otter tail? Panfish?
    ..walleye? Water temps

    StillwaterMN/Ottertail county
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    we saw 48-52 degree water temps and didn’t do well at all on panfish or walleye. I did hear of several guys that did very well on crappies and some gills, but I haven’t heard any good reports on walleyes.

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    Had a buddy that was on Osakis, and they put a few eyes in the boat but said it was a tough bite.

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    We finally found some active walleyes. Saturday started out extremely slow, had 3 in the box from 530am – 3pm. From 3pm to dark we ended up with 12 eyes in the box. Ate most of those that night.

    Sunday was blast as we could see schools of 10+ walleyes near the bottom, throw the bait over them and drag through the school. Catch many walleyes that way and finished off our 3 man limit.

    Biggest was a 23″ that was released, most were perfect eaters at 14-17″

    Water temps were high 40s on Saturday and into low-mid 50s by Sunday afternoon.

    east bethel
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    Thanks, headed up tomorrow to fish in the rain.

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