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’12 LLBA State Bowfising Tournament

  • Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58767

    This Saturday…

    July 21, 2012
    Mississippi River
    Evert’s Resort – Hager City, WI
    8:00PM – 6:00AM – Registration begins at 6:00PM
    *This will be a trailering tournament – Pools 4 & 5 *

    1ST, 2ND, 3RD

    2 or 3 person teams
    *ALL shooters must be LLBA members –
    memberships will be available at the event *
    $35/per person entry fee – 1 class
    (includes Big 6, Numbers, Big and Small Fish Pot,
    Big Gar Pot)
    *Only 5 gar per boat will be registered for all
    categories *
    Youth under 16 FREE!
    Fish Disposal will be provided after weigh-in

    Supporting Sponsors:

    * Sam & Danmi’s Pet Spa
    * Muzzy
    * Minnesota Archery
    * Cabela’s
    * Big Game
    * Smooth Machine LLC
    * AMS Bowfishing

    3 Rivers Archery * American Bowfishing Supply Co * Alpen Optics * Cajun Archery *
    Carpe Diem Outdoors * Crown Trophy * DU-HA * F and D Archery * Gorilla Glue *
    Prince Bait & Marine * Quick Draw * Scheels * Shure Shot

    1. Nighttime tournament will begin 8 PM Saturday, July 21st and end at 6 AM Sunday, July 22nd, unless otherwise notified.
    2. Registration will begin at 6:00 PM, Saturday July 21st and close 15 minutes prior to tournament beginning.
    3. Release forms must be signed and on record for each participant of the tournament.
    4. Identification of person(s) participating is required upon request.
    5. All boats will be subject to inspection.
    6. All shooters from each boat must be LLBA members in good standing. We will have the current member lists on hand. Memberships can be purchased that day for $20.00.
    7. ALL MN DNR regulations MUST be followed at all times!
    8. Wisconsin residents can use fans on the WI side of the river. If used on MN side, you will automatically be disqualified.
    9. No cheating will be allowed. If you are caught cheating you will be automatically disqualified.
    10. No un-sportsman like conduct will be tolerated. Teams will keep a minimum of 25 yards from one another whenever possible.
    11. Fish entries must be taken with bow (compound, recurve, longbow, or crossbow with permit) and a single fish point only.
    12. No fish points or arrows with explosives or other shocking devices will be allowed.
    13. All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval. This line must be attached to a reel on the bow.
    14. No snares, no dip nets, and no gigs will be allowed in boats. Gaff hooks may be used for landing big fish.
    15. Trailering is allowed for this tournament – limited to Pools 4 & 5; all teams/boats must leave and return from/to Evert’s Resort.
    16. Each Team will be allowed the use of only one boat during the tournament. If mechanical trouble requires the use of another boat, that boat must be inspected before leaving the tournament site.
    17. Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED in boats during tournament hours.
    18. No baiting or chumming of fish.
    19. Only legal rough fish are to be counted. Participants must identify fish before shooting!
    20. All contestants must leave from the tournament site. Wade fishing (leaving the confines of the boat) is legal.
    21. Teams late to weigh in will be deducted a penalty of 1 fish or 10lbs per minute up to 10 minutes and then the team will be disqualified. If a team should decide to leave early, please contact one of the club officials so we will not be out on the water looking for you.
    22. Tournament hosts and sponsors will not be responsible for accidents or lost property.
    23. All participants will respect the rights and privacy of all non-participants on or around the water. Please be courteous and polite. Participants are asked to avoid congested and populated areas.
    24. Winners will be determined by the total number of fish shot by each team in Numbers division. Winners in the Big Six division will be determined by the total weight of six (6) fish. Big fish will break ties. Only 5 gar per boat will count towards total numbers division.
    25. It is the team’s responsibility to have their biggest 6 fish separate and ready for weigh in.
    26. It is also the teams’ responsibility to have his/her biggest and smallest fish picked out to be entered for big and small fish pots, as well as the big gar pot.
    27. Disqualification: suspected transferring of fish between teams will result in disqualification of all teams involved. At no time is one team’s fish to be placed in another team’s boat. Disqualification procedure: bring to attention of tournament director; go in front of board (consisting of LLBA officers/representatives; to a membership vote. Cheating will result in expulsion from the club for LLBA members. Proof must be indisputable.
    28. NO AUTOMATIC REFUNDS OF ENTRY FEES. Fees or any portion of fees refunded will be the decision of tournament officials and will be based on reason of cancellation.
    29. Failure to comply with tournament rules will result in disqualification and entry fee will NOT BE REFUNDED.
    30. If any team has any issues, get with a tournament official as soon as possible. ALL RULINGS MADE BY
    In case of emergencies, please call 911. You can also call Troy Decker 1-320-980-2756 for boat troubles and we will send a boat to haul you back to the launch.

    Phoenix, AZ, formerly from the NW 'Burbs, Minneapolis, MN, USA
    Posts: 1620

    Wow… I may get blasted by some for this, but that sounds like _fun_…

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58767

    I’ll be down…or should I say up for the weigh in.

    Posts: 28

    Thanks for posting this. I got your voicemail just haven’t had a chance to call you back yet.

    Jeremy Hinton
    LLBA President

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58767

    I’ll see you Thursday night at the resort Jeremy.

    Posts: 28

    I won’t be there until Saturday morning sometime, as I have obligations Friday. I’ll call you when I get down there and we can meet up. The weigh in is always entertaining for folks. They can never believe how many rough fish we take out of the river at one of these gigs, and the size of the big ones

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58767

    Sounds good.

    I’ve never been to a weigh in like this before and since I’m staying at Everts, it couldn’t be more convenient!

    Posts: 28

    Let’s just say……….20 yard dumpster has been ordered for fish disposal. The tourney we did in June out of Alma we took 2.4 tons of fish

    Posts: 28

    Heading down the Red Wing shortly. Once we get there, time to scout the river and wait for the shoot to start tonight at 8pm

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