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2017 Anchor Inn Walleye League, three teams in the race for the title!

  • jeff-patrick
    Fort Atkinson, WI
    Posts: 2128

    Results for Thursday Night Walleye league out of Anchor Inn in Newville WI.

    Last night with only three weeks left out of the 12 weeks Thursday night walleye league the weather would determine the winner. Tight race between three boats all within ten pounds of each other for the overall championship. Team Fin-tech was going out in the lead with a seven pound lead over 2nd place. Storms were hanging tight just to the north west of us so weather watching was key to get back safe. By 7PM all the boat left the upper river but team fin-tech. I was trusting my radar that we still had time and we did. Team fin-tech took home the win and big fish pot. This was four wins in a row which this win was the biggest as we weigh another limit to weigh 12 lbs and 2nd only weighed 3.3 pound and 3rd didn’t weigh a fish. With two weeks left team fin-tech has a 15 lbs lead over 2nd place and 21 lead over 3rd place. The next two weeks will determine the championship between the three boats. Trust me it’s not a gimmie, we will need to bring r A game the last two week to take the three pete championship home!
    Team Fin-tech total weight so far for ten weeks is 92 pounds.
    All fish r released.
    Thanks to Dick Smiths Live Bait and Tackle for the great live bait and tackle to keep team fin-tech in the winning circle. Thank you Mike Smith for all you do for us!

    Fort Atkinson, WI
    Posts: 2128

    Team Fin-tech ices the team of year title with there 7th win of the 12 week season at the Thursday Night Anchor Inn Walleye League.
    This is Jeff Patrick & Steve Wiesmann Team Fin-tech 3rd consecutive Team Title of the year.
    Team Fin-tech weighed in a limit just over 15 lbs on the last week. Cultch just cultch, walleye anglers that fish leagues or tournaments get the message….ha.
    Both patterns fin-tech prefish took this title home.
    Boat control was key, thanks to Steve Wiesmann a.k.a. sinister my partner running the trolling motor and still able to net my fish in the river and lake, sight to be seen, in rough water. He’s the best at what we does to catch these walleyes, enough said.
    Dick Smiths Live Bait and Tackle and Fin-tech Tackle Company thank you for another great year. We couldn’t have been as successful as we were with out both of your support. Thank you both.

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