12 ft talons on rebel XL 1650?

  • Jared
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    Looking into getting a pair of talons but I’m not sure if they would be too heavy for the rebel. Also, I’m really torn about just mounting them to the transom or using the sandwich bracket. It’s an extra 1k to go the bracket route but I’m trying to find the benefit other than just not wanting to drill into your transom?

    Any of you guys have talons on your lund?

    Plymouth, MN
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    I don’t have a Lund, but I have a 12 foot talon on my Ranger.

    I had to use the sandwich bracket because the transom was too irregularly shaped to mount directly.

    Something to keep in mind with mounting talons. Make sure you can actually mount them to the Lund transom without voiding the hull warranty. You will need to contact Lund or your dealer directly for that information. Additionally, if you have a Mercury outboard, you will void that factory warranty if you use a sandwich bracket.

    Also, I don’t know where you store your boat but if its in a garage, you might want to consider using a tilt bracket so they fold down.

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