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1022 vs 102Ultra

  • Dr. Pomoxis
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    Hi there,

    I bought the new livescope plus 34 unit, and am picking up my chartplotter Tuesday. I have lowrance graphs, so I am buying a 10 inch screen exclusively for livescope. My options are a 1022 GPS unit or the Ultra 102 or 106. Display resolution is better with the Ultra. 1280×800 vs 1024×600. For $500 more, is that extra resolution going to make a huge difference? Any other considerations?


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    The 1022 is not touchscreen the Ultras are so depends on how important that is to you. I’d probably opt for the best resolution available especially since you’re strictly using it for LVS. If you ever decide to move away from Lowrance and add other Garmin units the GPSMAP 1022 will only network with other GPSMAP units. It will not network with Echomap Ultras.

    James Almquist
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    Another thing that the Ultra will do is take screen shots and record on your SD card if you see something cool on the Livescope. Not sure if the 1022 can do that. I personally love my 10″ ultra and the things I have seen on side imaging have been amazing. The rocks and sand on Lake Superior are very impressive. I only used the LS with my 9 last winter but will switch to the 10 this winter. I should also add that I kept my 9″ Lowrance HDS just for mapping. Nothing like having 3 screens going in the boat.

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    1022’s biggest advantage over the Ultra is its ability to record screen video to your phone, if that’s not a big deal to you then the Ultra is the best choice due to its increased resolution and processing power. The 1022 will also have issues fitting inside a soft case due to its increased width if you plan to make a mobile Livescope system.

    The 1022 can ONLY display a video output, it can’t run a transducer.

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    1022 can run a transducer and it can network with other GPS map units.

    You can’t network GPS map units with the ultras (106/126) or the echo map UHD’s (73/93). You can network the ultras and echo maps with each other.

    The 106 ultra screen resolution comes in looking at maps, side scan , etc. There is not much difference in livescope resolution between the 93 UHD and the 106 to be honest. I doubt you would be able to notice any difference between a 1022 and 106 at all.

    If your just doing livescope and no need to network the 1022 is so easy with the dials.

    The 106 has better resolution and processing speed then the 93 UHD’s but you pay the price as the 106 is a battery hog and it’s a tank compared to the weight of a 93. Ice fishing with a 106 is not advisable.

    I’d look at the 93UHD models fire sale pricing with the GT-54 transducers. They work great with livescope. Take all that extra money and get quality boat mounts and ice fishing mounts whatever.

    Not really a huge difference livescope between 1022/106/93 UHD except winter portable ice when you’ll switch back to the 93

    The 1022 has a video output and may be able to hook to a TV for the ice castle crowd. You can’t hook a 106 or 93 to a TV.

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