Yellowstone the TV Show

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    I loved that show but sick of this season. Spend half the time promoting spinoffs and hardly nothing else. 3 weeks ago they figured out who tried to kill everyone and havent said crap about it since. Instead we see jimmy on a date big f-ing deal.

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    Ya got to see Jimmy take a shower. wink

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    This season is definitely draggin a$$. Wasted the last 4 episodes on misc. crap that could have been summarized into 1 episode.

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    Now theres only two left already. Unless some serious sheit happens in the next two weeks i definitely aint gonna look forward to the next season like i did this one.

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    I love the show because it reminds me of how I grew up with cattle so even on slow episodes I enjoy the scenery and farmwork

    Having said that, this has been an odd season. Started out with a bang with the idea of tracking down killers and we’ve moved on to Beth’s wedding venue. I really don’t care to get into the politics of John Dutton runs for governor. Maybe it’ll get good but it just doesn’t seem that compelling to me, I’d rather see the ranch battle a drought or wolves/coyotes or cattle that get out, but that’s just me.

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    I get the impression this season has been used to setup the spinoff shows a little more, with the 1883 flashback and focus on Jimmy and the 6666 ranch. There’s a fine balance there, and certainly can’t have shootouts every episode, but agree this year has been pretty uneventful, hopefully it’s just moving chess pieces in preparing for a huge finish.

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    I think the next season will be on a streaming channel.

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    I agree with most, it was a great show, but now it’s just a promotional piece for Paramount plus.

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    The scene with Jimmy and the horse in the play room was like nothing I’ve ever scene. I understand the phrase now. I agree this season is a bit slower than the others. Pretty good tho.

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    I have been sick and binge watched all 4 seasons straight–really love it except for the Beth character who is over acting and depicted so one dimensionally that I find her hard to watch. The character would be more believable and interesting if she had even a pinch more humanity to her and some imagination in regards to the complexity of how her family works. She’s just a mean spirited, ‘look at me’,spoiled immature Daddy’s girl…..
    all the rest GREAT ACTING!!

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    Beth, Kelly Reilly, also starred in the English series “Above Suspicion”.

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    Yellowstone use to be my favorite tv series but now I can barely stand to watch it. The writers have now turned it into the Beth bitch moan whine and complain show. She is in almost every scene. She is vile self destructive and totally predictable making her a unpleasant boring character and a real downer. I do not understand why with all the other well placed actors they have decide to give her 80 percent of every show but I can take no more of her never ending hateful diatribe. I am done.

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    Yup, write it up there with days of our lives. Going way down hill just as suspected

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    I’m not a hard core watcher anymore either but I did laugh my ass off last night. I would bet next year will on Paramount plus. Although they might keep it free just to promote the new shows which I bet has been fairly successful.

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