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Who wants to help me fish the Rainy River?

  • Tim
    Posts: 14

    I posted this on the trip swap section a couple months ago but can’t update that thread for some reason.

    Anyway, I’ll be staying in International Falls 7-19 through 7-21 So wanting to fish the 20th which is a Tuesday. Hoping to catch a sturgeon and whatever else.

    I’d prefer a local fisherman, not a guide. I semi guide down in Texas for big catfish and alligator gar. Mostly just take people on free fishing trips. But if anyone can put me on some fish I’d owe them either a fishing or hunting trip. is my ranch.

    A guy from MN came down a month ago and we caught lots of fish.

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    Well there is at least one local on this thread. He is an import local but a local none the less… whistling

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