Where to catch/net mudpuppies?

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    My young daughters are intrigued with these axolotl creatures they’ve seen on YouTube. We are a hiking family and we’ve caught all kinds of amphibians and reptiles. I mentioned a few weeks ago that before they were born, I used to hand catch mud puppies in Trego, Wisconsin. I don’t think we can accomplish this one. At least not around here.

    Does anyone know of a shallow creek where we can spot one? We live in the cities but we travel all over every weekend to hike and fish.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There are tons in the st croix. They can be annoying when trying to sturgeon fish in the winter. Maybe try there or the feeder creeks that lead to it.

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    In Minnesota, mudpuppies inhabit the Mississippi, St. Croix, Minnesota, and Red river drainages. Most recorded sightings have been on the state’s eastern and western edges, except for a few records along the Minnesota River.


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    Out in Prescott, north of the bridge around point Douglas park. Lay down a sturgeon rig, you’ll catch mud puppies almost guaranteed.

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