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the wapsi fishing

  • maurice
    Posts: 123

    Have not seen any reports on the wapsi fishing so i thought i should report as I and partner have tried it in the Independence area a few times in the last few weeks– first the water was up and cloudy and caught 14 to 16 inch last weekend the water slowed down and was fishable was able to pull a 29 1/2 inch 10-1 and a 5.2 -great fishing though now the water is really down and makes boat fishing difficult all fish caught on swiming the jigs and nitecrawlers also fished the miss river at praire 2 days last week and had fantastic fishing on Weds. for 2 hours and thursday the weather and or may flies turned them off–snagged

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    If fished the dam below Central City a week ago and caught nothing. What type of areas were you fishing?

    Cedar Falls, Iowa
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    I did OK on Saturday. Cats really like the Gulp. Eyes were in no mood to fight once they were hooked, but they were biting pretty well too. Love the Wapsi. I was fishing sandbar drop offs and swifter water areas.

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    was fishing off the end of a sand bar where dropped into 8-9fow and was drifting or trying too most of the time pulling the boat with the trolling motor in reverse and 16th once jigs with 1/2 nite crawler–make it rain–snagged

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