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V198 Transom Thickness

  • gregmerz
    Minnetonka & Remer, MN
    Posts: 112

    Any body know what the transom thickness on the V198 is ? I want my transducer boards firmly attached but don’t want the screws to go all the way through. Will use 5200 in addition to screws.

    Posts: 3899

    If you’ll be using 5200 the screws will only be needed to hold the board until the adhesive sets. At that point the screws are moot. Use whatever size is a safe bet. 5200 is permanent, and needs a week to cure before seeing water.

    River Falls, WI
    Posts: 1094

    I’d skip the screws and just use 5200, just my opinion. Brace it/ tape it in place, let it sit a full week, and don’t worry about it coming off because it won’t.

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