Trail camera recommendations for backyard wildlife viewing?

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    I am not a hunter and am overwhelmed by the number of brands and features on these things. I just want to capture the deer and other critters going through our backyard. I don’t think I’m willing to pay for cellular service for it since I can just walk out and get the memory card. I’m guessing with these requirements any modern day trail cam will do, but wanted to get suggestions. Back in the early days I know you wanted to get the highest MP for the best image quality, but today they are all pretty good.

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    I would get something like a NEST to be honest. If you have power and internet access… you can set it to alert you when it detects movement.

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    Don’t think you can go wrong with any of them to be honest.

    I have 4 of them setup in my woods. Two are Stealth cams that were probably $50/$60, but then got a cheapie as a Christmas gift one year. The cheapie takes better pictures than the Stealth cams…

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    I recently purchased a Tactacam Reveal for by Backyard. It is a cellular model, But it will work fine without the Cellular service. Even though its a simple short walk to retrieve and swap card, I’m happy I went with the Cellular service. Its just nice to be able to change the setting right from your phone. Its also really nice to just pull up the app. and view the pictures withoy having to mess with the cards. After a little more than 1 month of use, I could not be happier with the product. I also purchased the lithium batter pack for it. As a matter of fact the battery pack is at home on the charger right now.

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    I have 2 tactacams and love them

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    X 2 on tactacam reveal a friend has the Moultrie Loves his also. I think all are good

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    I have 2 Spypoints which are cellular. The cell service doesn’t cost anything. I do pay for a higher number of photos per month. I get alerts each time it goes off. Makes for a nice security device with the alerts. I’m able to keep an eye on my home and family when I’m away.

    I got a Gardepro for Christmas. I think I’ll get that set up tight.

    Make sure whatever you get use lithium batteries.

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    Tactacam pic quality, both day and night time

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