Thoughts and prayers

  • Dutchboy
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    WCCO TV said 3 fisherman are in the water, Mississippi near the Vermilion. Search has been called off for tonight. Hope they can make it to shore.

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    Ugh that really sucks.

    Tough decision to go in after a friend or not. I fell out of my boat 2 years ago and thankfully I was wearing an inflatable PFD. It did it’s job and really took the stress out of the situation.

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    Terribly sad. Prayers go out to all affected.

    North branch, mn
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    Very sad deal

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    That’s incredibly sad. A friend sent me a text yesterday evening who was in the area saying they saw the rescue boats out.

    Hopefully the pleasure boaters and anglers on that stretch can give everyone space to operate as they continue the search

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    there is a lot of turbulence in that area. it is probably really shallow in the vermillion entrance right now? if they got swept out into the turbulence, that would be a struggle without a pfd…….sad deal

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    As of Wed, July 5 still no word on the recovery.

    Justin riegel
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    The Story updated when I clicked on it. The bodies were recovered.

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
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    After an unsuccessful search on 7-4-2023, the search for the missing swimmers began again on the morning of 7-5-2023. Two bodies were located at 0653 and the third at 0705. All three bodies were located in the search area. The families of the missing swimmers were made aware of the recovery. The Southern MN Regional Medical Examiner’s office has responded to the scene and will be releasing names of those located.
    Thank you to all the law enforcement agencies who assisted in this search. A special thank you to Northstar Search and Rescue for their assistance and resources.

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