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Sight Fishing Minnesota Trout in Clear Shallow Water – IDO TV S17 E11

  • Kyle
    Posts: 110

    IDO TV Season 17 Episode 11 is NOW LIVE!

    James Holst and Konnor Kleist cut a spear hole to sight fish rainbow trout in Minnesota. These fish were roaming the shallow shoreline and we were able to intercept them with both jigs & spoons as they swam by.

    Watch The Episode!

    Farmington, Outing
    Posts: 8090

    That was the best Ice Fishing show I’ve seen in years.
    How cool is it to use a landing net!!!

    BTW – That last one was a Freakin Toad bow

    Posts: 1727

    I thought it was a pretty good show.I would need a little smaller hole though.I for sure would have been in the water sooner or later.

    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
    Posts: 1027

    That looks like a whole lot of fun!

    Posts: 1282

    Very cool show. That BIG hole scares me to death though. I would make an awful BIG splash. doah It would sure wake a guy up in a hurry! shock

    Posts: 3179

    I was waiting for one of those 2 to go swimming. LOL

    Posts: 6508

    Pretty cool show don’t think I have ever seen James so pumped.

    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
    Posts: 18860

    Pretty cool show don’t think I have ever seen James so pumped.

    That was one of my favorite ice fishing experiences in a long time. Sight fishing in general is really cool. Getting to watch all the smaller trout swimming through and interacting with the baits was a ton of fun. Then you see your first 5# trout and things start to get intense. Then you see a 7# trout and you’re on pins and needles. Then a true magnum 30″ – 10# trout swims by and takes a half-hearted nip at your bait and things get real serious! By the time I caught that bigger trout I was so amped up and wanted to catch one of the bigger fish so bad I was vibrating. And then it happened and I lost my mind! yay

    Pool 2
    Posts: 1466

    That was one of my favorite <strong class=”ido-tag-strong”>ice fishing experiences in a long time.

    This alone says a lot!!!

    Bass Thumb
    Royalton, MN
    Posts: 1178

    Excellent episode! One of my favs

    Gitchi Gummi
    Posts: 1418

    cool show. boy those were some big and heavy sleds you were hauling in there by hand. sight fishing rainbows is one of my favorite ways to ice fish.

    SW Metro
    Posts: 7287

    That was a cool episode. I chuckled when you got out there and told Konnor you like snowmobiles rotflol , between the walk out and cutting the hole I’m guessing you were a little sore the next day. That thing had an awesome paint job!

    Bass Pundit
    8m S. of Platte/Sullivan Lakes, Minnesocold
    Posts: 902

    Love trout fishing through the ice. Haven’t done it in 20 years. No lakes close to me. Catching tullibee is a pretty close equivalent.

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