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Found this shed hunting

  • ranger777
    OtterTail Cty/Minnetrista
    Posts: 265

    I took a walk in the woods yesterday afternoon to see if I could find any early sheds…..
    Take a look at the pictures. First time I’ve ever seen anything like this before.
    It appears as though the buck made a rub on a very large tree(middle tree and up to 6ft high) and blood started coming out of his antler bases. I looked in a 100 yd radius of the rub/blood spots, but couldnt find any sheds.
    I followed the blood trail both ways for about 20 yards and it dried up.
    Do they typically bleed before or after shedding the horns? The blood appeared to be a day or two old.

    Byron MN
    Posts: 3376

    Wow , that is crazy ! I have seen blood from them before but NOTHING like that !!!

    1 hour 15 mins to the Pond
    Posts: 18101

    That seems excessive.

    StillwaterMN/Ottertail county
    Posts: 4406

    Had one knock a horn off at my Dad’s feeder one time. Dad said lots of blood. I drove out there and found quit a bit and a nice trail of blood going away from the feeder. It was one side to a very nice 12 point. The blood eventually stopped and I trailed the deer for quite a ways. Never found the deer and next winter I had him on cam again. It was prolly as much blood at the feeder as I see in your pics, with a good trail leading away for 75 -100 yards. It’s not real common, but it happens. Maybe when they knock them off or loosen them up premature to the antler being ready to drop.

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