Rippin rap…. now?

  • Chuck Melcher
    SE Wisconsin, Racine County
    Posts: 1942

    I have most sizes and a choice of colors…. but have yet to catch a fish on them, or put them to much use. I have clear lakes (Delavan or Geneva) by me in Walworth county. If I went after crappies now, just work a slow pausing action along a weed line with the real little one? May try the larger sizes for walleye with more ripping along the bottom in the evening.

    Is this as good of a time to spend a few hours with them as any for open water? My next outing will be with jogging raps…

    Charlie W
    TRF / Pool 3 / Grand Rapids, MN / SJU
    Posts: 782

    My experience with rippin raps is later to come in the fall still. Jigging raps would be my go-to right now.

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