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Talk about sick kids these days

  • landscats
    North Dakota, USA
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    I was going to give the river try tonight but we got called to a parent meeting at the school tonight. Seems there is a bomb threat for Fri. My kid is not going to school. Just makes me sick that parents don’t or can’t teach there kids right from wrong. SICK SICK SICK

    Winona,MN/La Crosse, WI
    Posts: 3667

    yep, pretty crazy. I think we have had 4 bomb threats already this year…Pretty stupid. Of course nothing ever happens but only half the student population shows up on those days…I agree there are a lot of sick “kids” out there but society as a whole is becomming completely messed up gotta learn it somewhere

    Sorry to hear about the threat. Good idea having your kid stay home, better safe than sorry.

    Michigan's Upper Peninsula(Iron Mountain)
    Posts: 4745

    This practice has been a Federal Offense for several years but most school officials do not prosecute the offenders…they should!
    You may be surprised at who does these things…one time the Principals HS daughter was the culprit…no she didn’t get more than a few day suspension from school.

    st cloud,mn
    Posts: 1571

    It is just sick…ive responded to many bomb threats around the area highschools and interviewed many of the people we were able to catch who made the bomb threats AND spoke to the parents of those students…many times the parents APPEAR to be great parents involved in guiding their child the right way in this world but the kid is just plain stupid and the parents have done everything they can, and I agree other times I feel the parents should be arrested for parenting without a far as a Federal Law…I know none that covers a simple school bomb threat but I could be wrong…principles dont prosecute the offender CRIMMINALY…the police do but the principle can give internal punishment…once the police are involved and if they have probable cause someone committied a crime…the head of the school…who ever it may be has no say on the prosecuting the crime…unless it was a direct threat to that person only, not to say they wont give their .02 cents though…alls I know society is becoming more violent every day…peace all….and go fishin …Jay

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